I like to take a 3/4 cup scoop and then get some flour and brown sugar and melt a stick of butter. Or is it two sticks? I'll put the recipe up when I remember it. Part of my cookie policy is that I don't write down the recipe, I look it up and figure it out every time. But I suppose I'll have to update that policy soon.

The cookie policy that I do not plan to update is that I don't care to manage analytics or pretend I can do anything with them that would justify adding them to this page. I'll add a counter or two later but they will be aesthetic jokes. I do not intend to sell your usage data to anyone, and I'm sorry if the cookie policy of anything I embed here e.g. Soundcloud behaves differently. But yeah the only way I really care to know who you are is if you decide to sub to my patreon or send me a tip or an email.

I like to do stuff with javascript for fun but I'm far from the best at it, and the stuff I like to do is very nice. Trackers scare and annoy me and I don't believe in scaring and annoying my would-be supporters. That said, this is a website so it's going to collect info about your browser and screen width and possibly where you connected from. Whether I use the info or not, the tools I use to publish this site require some amount of info-sharing back and forth, and so there's a cookie living on your machine (basically the text file with info about your specific session) and that's kind of just the way the wb works right now. If you don't like it, I get it, and you should not browse this site. But also watch out for the rest of the web! Glad we had this talk!